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Workshop Recap: RESTful APIs Development with .Net Core 2.2

Two weeks ago (sorry for the late post) I was giving a workshop about RESTful APIs using .Net Core 2.2, contributing with one of the best communities in Dominican Republic (DotNetDo).

The event took place on February 2, at Santo Domingo Institute of Technology (also known as INTEC).

Some big thanks to all the attendees, we are going to be preparing more workhops/talks for you šŸ˜ƒ.


Workshop Content

Theorical Part:

  • Basic Concepts (intro).
  • Undertanding HTTP (Verbs, Status Codes).
  • Presentation Slides

    Practical Part:

  • Creating our first API.
  • Swagger: documentation for RESTful APIs.
  • Testing environments with Postman.
  • Securing our API with Json Web Tokens (JWT).
  • Adapting endpoints for pagination, searching, filtering and ordering data.
  • Github Repo with examples


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