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[Workshop] Azure for devs – Week 2

Hi everyone, in our last session of the workshop β€œAzure for Devs” for our community .NET Dominicana (@DotNetDo), my friend Luis Pujols and I covered the following topics:

🌩 Azure App Service.

Azure App Service is a fully managed web application hosting platform. This platform as a service (PaaS) offered by Azure allows you to focus on designing and building your app while Azure takes care of the infrastructure to run and scale your applications.

Azure App Service Features

  • Deployment slots
  • CI/CD support
  • Built-in auto scale

App Service Plans

A web app running in Azure typically uses Azure App Service to provide the hosting environment.

App Service can arrange for multiple instances of the web app to run and will load balance incoming requests across these instances. Each instance runs on a virtual machine.

The resources available to each instance are defined by an App Service plan. The App Service plan specifies the operating system (Windows or Linux), the hardware (memory, CPU processing capacity, disk storage, and so on), and the availability of services like automatic backup and restore.

πŸš€ Deploying code to a web app.

We have two ways for deploying our code to an app service, the first one is Automated deployment, or continuous integration, is a process used to push out new features and bug fixes in a fast and repetitive pattern with minimal impact on end users.

Azure supports automated deployment directly from several sources. The following options are available:

  • Azure DevOps
  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket
  • OneDrive
  • Dropbox

The second one is manual, there are a few options that you can use to manually push your code to Azure:

  • Git.
  • az webapp up
  • ZIP deploy
  • WAR deploy
  • Visual Studio
  • FTP/S

⌨️ Configuring web app settings.

We can configure certain options through the portal or CLI like app settings and other things related to the underlying infrastructure of the app service.

🎚 Implementing autoscaling rules.

It’s important to be able to scale a web app for these reasons:It enables the app to remain responsive during periods of high demand. It helps to save you money by reducing the resources required when demand drops.Azure App Service enables you to meet these goals by providing scale up and down, and scale in and out.

Finally, here goes the presentation:

Homework for participants:

Create an app service, configure your fav framework and deploy some code, then go beyond and configure some auto scaling rules!

See you next week!


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