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Global Azure Bootcamp 2019: Recap.

Last Saturday, the “Global Azure Bootcamp” event was held at the facilities of Microsoft Dominicana.

Those who attended the event could enjoy a content of high technical level, spoke of all the benefits that Azure offers us when implementing cloud computing 😃.


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We had Alberto Morillo with the keynote of the event, he summarized how the cloud computing scene is made up with Azure, from virtual machines to serverless apps.

The first speaker was Ariel Gómez, who delighted us with his masterful presentation about how to implement Azure DevOps in our work teams, then we had Shailyn Ortíz talking about ARM templates and containers and how Azure facilitates the work when playing with these technologies.

At noon we had a lunch provided by the team of Microsoft Dominicana (special thanks to Juan Jhordanny Hernández), as well as refreshments throughout the day.

In the second part of the event was Yhorby Matías demonstrating the power of Azure Cognitive Services, showing us a demo of how we can measure the emotions of events in real time using the tweets of people.

Azure Cognitive Services

Then we continue with Mabel Gerónimo with the interesting topic of serverless apps, from the basics to how we can include this type of practice in our day to day, using Azure Functions.

To close the event, I was talking about Continuous Monitoring using Azure App Insights, the importance of proactivity in the detection of early errors and the ability to share performance information of our applications, there we saw how from the Azure portal we can have answers to questions like: which features of your web or mobile app are most popular? Do your users achieve their goals with your app?

Azure App Insights


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Big thanks to all the attendees and speakers, as well as to the organizers (DotNetDo, Juan Jhordanny Hernández and Microsoft Dominicana’s team).